Saturday, October 17, 2009


18 months
New Words: Book, Shoe, Flower, Fish, Hug, Foot, Quack, Meow, Oink, Moo.
Interest: Jumping of the couch into the love sac, getting into the frig, being naked all the time, running away from mommy down the street and in the store, babies and small animals, getting her nails painted, spinning, dancing, reading her big princes book before bed.
Favorite Foods: Cottage cheese, apple sauce, bananas, cookies.
Favorite Songs: Just Dance and Poker Face from Lady Gaga, the Kidz Bop version of Take You There by Sean Kingston, all hymns (she sings along every time).
Recent Stories: We had banana splits the other night and Nate bought cool whip instead of whip cream, it was Nahlia's favorite part of the banana split. Two days had past and Nahlia was playing in the next room and had gotten very quiet. When I went in to check on her she and the floor was covered in cool whip. Another favorite item to get out of the frig is the egg carton and resort all the eggs.
Tantrum Style: Falling to and laying on the ground and high pitched screaming.

Is so excited that Linzy and Craig want her to help them plan their wedding.

Went fishing with his Dad and brothers today. Had to get some new clothes for his training in Oklahoma City and when it was all over said to Carly "That was fun today".

Sent her mission papers in.


erin said...

hahaha i love that Laura is a part of your family update

huntfamily said...

Nahlia is so big!