Thursday, October 1, 2009

Football and a Fiftieth

We got back to Utah just in time for Nathan's favorite season, FOOTBALL season. He is a University of Utah fan but with my cousin Brett Thompson, Ocho Cinco of the Cougars, playing for BYU we are a mixed household. James and Erin came over Thursday for the Utes season opener and then we went to their house on Saturday for BYU's opener. I'm very excited about today because Laura, Nahlia, and I are going to the BYU game. We get to use Brett's family tickets which will probably never happen again. The first day it rained. The cool air felt so good. I let Nahlia get all wet even though she is holding an umbrella it didn't help at all. My Grandpa Jim and Grandma Julie, my mom's parents, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on the 19 of September. Nate, Nahlia, Laura, James, Erin, and myself took a quick road trip to be there for it. It was great to see people who had known them, for longer than we have been alive, through work or high school, or church callings. This are two of there wedding pictures. They were blown up and hung at the party.
Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa
We love you and are grateful for what you have done so that our lives might be blessed.
At the Gateway, the mall in SLC that we go to, had what they call an Elephant Walk last week. When the circus is in town each year they have a little parade through the mall with the elephants as the main attraction. It was so fun and Nahlia loved the elephants.

After the parade we went into a Halloween store to help us get into the Halloween spirit. This is Nahlia's reaction to the wall of scary masks. Nahlia's pimp hat.

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erin said...

last halloween i purposely made iva cry at all the halloween stuff. it was really mean of me, i felt bad afterward, remembering how i used to be afraid, but it was soooooo funny.