Monday, October 5, 2009

Bewitching Weekend

We had a fun filled weekend and it was conference that made it even better. My Nana GAK (Great Aunt Kathy) returned from her mission this week and we got to meet up with her on Thursday. We met at Pat's BBQ in Salt Lake, they picked it because it was featured on a Food Network show, it was pretty good. I sadly don't have a picture. Aunt Brandy came in from Hawaii to get her and Aunt Marie and Kory came down from Idaho, Kelly and her daughter, James and Erin, cousin Kim and her husband, Laura, Nahlia and myself. It was so fun, they are hilarious and I hope we see them again soon.
Friday we went to the BYU game courtesy of Brett. Nahlia loves going to sporting events. She claps and dances, watches the marching band and cheerleaders. She really liked it when they would run around the field with the big BYU flags. Matt and Jeanne drove in from Cali. We love all the BYU gear they have. Sorry I cut your head off Matt. Auntie LALAWe told Nahlia to smile and she did this, followed by more funny faces.Brett "Ocho Cinco" ThompsonSaturday after conference we met up with the Katzourakis clan at Gardener Village for their Halloween activities. Everybody is dressed up like a witch and they have animated witches everywhere and the kids come dressed up. I didn't have it together enough for Nahlia to dress up yet but oh well.
Dillon, Johny, Nahlia, Conner and his sister.Nahlia LOVES her cousins. There was a lot of hug'n going on.Running through the hay maze.Holding hands. She would go anywhere without holding one or both of their hands to the point where they would say "Are you ever going to let go of my hand" and "You're squeezing my finger to tight"The petting zoo. We told her to give the animals hugs and he walked around hugging their bums because she was to scared to hug by their faces. Really cute petting zoo. They had sheep, goats, pigs, lamas, donkeys, chickens, rabbits, and they all had babies.They also had a pony ride that was really fun. First time Nahlia riding a pony all by herself. She wanted them to go faster.

And of course conference was this weekend. I'm pretty sure every talk was great. This time they didn't really talk about money or emergency preparedness. There was a lot about the daily impressions from the spirit, providing consistent and frequent opportunities to talk of Christ in the home, making service a daily act, and reinforcing the basics of being a decent and productive member of the church and society. I loved it. Conference is amazing because you get to hear so many powerful testimonies and it is evident they are the mouthpiece for Heavenly Father. They truly are the Prophets and Apostles for the world. Every conference I try to finding something we can do as a new family tradition or make a commitment to do better. For example last October we decided to have a prayer of gratitude every thanksgiving inspired by Elder Bednar's talk. Coincidentally he's talk this time gave me encouragement about family home evening, that it doesn't always have to go well as long as it happens.

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*Such cute pics! I can't believe how big Nahlia is. She looks so happy and like she's always having such a good time. What a cutie!!!

erin said...

aw i love how much she loves her cousins! and she has one long tongue!

Brandi said...

Aloha Carly, so fun to see you and your sweet baby girl...just darling...reqlly funb to visit with everyone too!! thanks so much for making the effort to visit with us, NanaGAK had a ball!! she really felt loved and supported...lovge your blog..and send me your address in Vegas..p.o. box 515,Hauula,HI 96717
all our aloha

Aleena said...

Great post! So is Nahlia auditioning for Kiss!?! She's got quite a tongue!