Sunday, September 13, 2009

Memories of Summer

In May Nathan was laid off from Skywest Airlines. He had been working there for about 3 years but because when Nahlia was born he took 3 months off to help and finish his last semester of school his seniority change and he fell within the cut off. 300 people where laid off so it was a sad thing but we really liked his job and the flight benefits, and he really like working at the airport. Nate's friend Tyler was over and he was "talking" to us about going to sell security systems this summer. He was very excited and given our soon to be situation Nate thought it would be a good idea for us too. I'm pretty sure it was the next day, we signed our lives over the APX for the next 4 months. 3 weeks later we pack up the Honda with hardly anything and headed to Texas. The drive was 24 hours, with out an air conditioner, and we spread it over 3 days. Nahlia did pretty well, we stopped quite a bit for her which was fine since we gave ourselves plenty of time to get there. We lived about 10 minutes south of Houston off of highway 288. Just past our exit, you will find these guys. It was a little weird at first but there are a ton of very large statues all round Houston so we got use to it. This is the Houston temple, because of Nate schedule we didn't get to go in but I really wanted to at least go visit so it made for a nice Sunday trip. It's a very pretty temple and so vintage looking. There are also very nice sitting areas and a path around the grounds and a fountain that Nahlia was very happy to test out.

In the second week since we had arrived Nate had a craving for Jack in the Box tacos but on the way back home we were rear-ended on the freeway right before our exit. We were traveling about 65 mph and we think she hit us going at least 90 mph, she had hit her breaks or anything. Nate was able to keep control over the car but she it the guardrail. There were cars all around us so luckily no one else was hit. Unbelievably she did stop and we had to follow her. She did end up stopping when she saw us behind her. Even more unbelievable Nate and I both did not have our cell phones and she was refusing to let us use hers because we wanted to call the police and she did want to involve them. So I carried Nahlia back to our apt to get help. Lets just say that made Nate livid but what else could we have done. While I was gone Nate had to stand in front of her car so she wouldn't drive away. Anyways the police finally came and arrested her for drunk drive. Oh did I mention it was Cinco De Mayo and about 11 at night, yeah we should have stayed home. We both think this happening to us was a complete blessing, that we were all physically fine, that the car was totalled so we got more for it than if we tried to sell it, and that we got a new car. Not just a new car but the one I had been wanting for 2 years.
My mom car.
Houston had a lot of things to do but our favorite was the beach. Nahlia had been to Oceanside before this but she was to little to play so it was really fun being there with her this time. She absolutely loved the sand. When her toes first wiggled in it she was amaze and study it for a good 3 minutes. She also loved running back and forth from the water.
We went to the pool almost everyday, some days it was way to hot to be out there though. She got very brave by the end of summer. She out run to the edge get on her tummy and hold her self on the edge, then pull herself out, and do it again. It was a great pool for kids and she loved it when other kids were there. This is a splash park we went to quite a bit. At first she hated the water going in her face but by the end of the summer she loved it.
One of the wives there wanted to be a photographer and ask if she could practice with Nahlia. Of course I said yes. Her name is Chelsey Bell, located in Utah look her up she's great. She shoot Nahlia twice, these are just a few from the first shoot.

Just hanging out before church one morning.

Nahia loves to spin. I would always, well almost always, say no if she asked me to do it because once she starts she wont stop. Nate on the other hand hardly ever tells her no.

That's my girl.

Nahlia loves music and that was the only thing that would keep her still at the restaurant.

The aquarium downtown was really cool. These pics are of a shark tank that you ride a train through and sharks are all around you.
This is 4th of July night. The people next to us left to get closer to the fireworks so Nahlia took over their chairs.
This are pics from Nahlia's second photo shoot with Chelsey. She looks so much older to me.

We had a good time in Texas but are glad to be back. It was a really tough job and lucky Nate did well for a first timer. We do miss our old apartment namely the bathtub, washer and dryer, and dishwasher.


erin said...

what a wild summer! glad you guys are back in ut with us! i want to get crafty with you.

Scottie and Angie said...

I loved all the summer pics!!! It had been way too long since you had updated!!! Nahlia is so cute, just like you!!! WOW. Also I couldn't believe that lady hit you and just tried to drive off!
Glad to hear you are well.

Aleena said...

I am so impressed with these pictures! What great photography! I love the picture of you with Nahlia, Carly! Such beautiful girls!