Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bunny Says

Today we learned what the bunny does.

Nahlia is officially a walker!!!! I can't believe how fast she learned.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Snow Angel

So Nahlia gets so board being inside all day but she didn't have any snow clothes until Mimi and Grandpa gave her a snow suit for Christmas. Isn't she so cute. I've never seen her so content just siting there in the snow. I was nervous the whole time because I wasn't sure if it was water proof or not but I worried for nothing because she was completely dry when I took her out of it. If you didn't know my sister Laura is living with us now and this was the first snow since she's been here. I've been begging Nate to build a snowman with me, basically since the first snow, and we finally did last week. I tried to do it by myself but I couldn't do it. Nate is so good at building snowmen so after watching him I started to make the middle section but Nahlia took it over. She kept taking the smallest little pieces of snow and eating them. I don't think she actually got any in her mouth though.
Nate putting the head on.

He's not quite finished yet but we took a picture because Nate and Nahlia where going in. He looked way better than this after Laura and I shaped him. But sadly he didn't make it through the night. I found him decapitated the next morning. So Sad. Like I said before Nahila gets so bored being in all day, she's turned our table and chairs in to a little jungle gym.
Probably one of the most exciting things in life is watching Nahlia learn to walk. She took her first steps at church the Sunday before Christmas. I didn't get to see it because I was in sacrament meeting and Nate had her out in the lobby where apparently she took three steps and then fell. The only reason I believed him was because another parent was out there and said he wasn't lying.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas May Have Come and Gone . . .

but the best is yet to be!
That's not really how that saying goes but I can't remember the first part. I don't remember where I first heard that, "the best is yet to be", for some reason I've heard or seen it a lot the last few weeks and I'm in love with it. What a great saying. I keep saying it to my self when I look at the year ahead with so much unknown and it helps me stay optimistic and enduring to make each day better than the last for me and my loved ones.
Its a Stewart tradition for Grandma to bring jars of change it the Christmas party. The grandchildren up to age 20 get to put one hand in and grab as much as they can and they get to keep what doesn't fall out. This year was Nahlia first attempt and she got to go first since she was the youngest. She was able to get four quarts in that tiny little hand, which I thought was very impressive. As you can tell in this pic she looks very focused.

She liked it so much she had a fight when I tried to take her away. I can't blame her I like shiny things too.
Later, Dave pulled all the kids around in the snow with the tracker.
That's Nate snow surfing on a knee board.Nahlia got stared when all the kids started screaming so we went around on our own little sled behind the other kids and think that was the most fun she has ever had in her life. She wouldn't sit down, she just kept jumping and giggling. It was so funny. The next day Nahlia and I went to Cali to my parents house. Note all the bows and ornaments on the floor. She pulled all the bows off and used the presents as supports to get the the tree. We meet up with Nate, Erin and James, and GG and GBaby in the city. This is the Macy*s tree in Union Square. In case you're wondering that's the Ute sign Nate is throwing. While we waited for Santa Nahlia did a little shopping. Nates in really trouble because I think she likes it as much as I do. So Nahlia did fine with Santa but I have to say he freaked me out a little bit. It was hilarious because the there where 10 of use all huddled in the corner watching one precious little girl. Christmas Day!!!! (6:00 am) please no one remind Nate that I woke him up that early. I love this picture. It was a wonderful morning.
This is just a random pic from Cali but its a great two in one pic of Nahlia drooling and Nate making a funny face. We all went ice skating. This is Nate showing off some of his groovy moves.

It was such a fun night. I was so proud I didn't fall. This is Nahlia the day we got back home. I let her have a piece of red vines. Its save to say she likes red vines.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and have made it safely back home. I know Nate's ended with a Sugar Bowl blow out. (well almost). GO UTES!!!!