Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finally a White Christmas

I know not all of you feel the same but I love the snow and if I "have to" live in Utah there better be snow for my baby's first Christmas. It will probably all melt in a couple days but at least we'll get a good day or two to play in it.
So it's been a while, ok a long while, since my last blog, Nathan and I were in charge of the ward Christmas party and it was this last Friday so I have more room in my brain now to blog, and my lovely sister-in-law likes to point out that blogging is not a talent of mine (because I've been working on your Christmas present ERIN!!!) I still love her because she took our family picture for us this year. She did such a wonderful job. These are just two that I liked and don't worry neither are the one in our Christmas card.

Nate was able to get some time off from work so we made a quick trip out to Cali for a pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner with the Urrutias. It had almost been a year since all three of use where there together and of all weekends Nate had to pick the one of the "Holy War", BYU U football game. My parents spent the first two days we were there trying to find a way for Nate to watch it. And just in case you haven't picked up on the irony, we live three blocks from where the game was actually being played. But lucky the Gwin's saved us and we are eternally in their debt, well Nate is at least. We also got to go to Sacramento to watch our cousin Brett play football. The drive normally takes 2 hours but on this joyous day it took 5!!! crazy! Nahlia is such a trooper though, she wined the least between her and her dad and uncles. Brett's really amazing and we can't wait to watch him play at BYU next year. Nahlia also met all her Tautu cousins for the first time that night and she loved watching the boys all play together and they loved holding her and making her laugh. Morgan and MiMi took her down to the field when the cheerleaders performed. She loves the cheerleaders. We have to give a little shout out to cousin Maddox for having such cool toys at his Grandma's house especial the train and the rocking horse. Thanks Maddox, Nahlia loved them.

My little babies sleeping on the plane.

MiMi doesn't have a highchair at her house so she went old school and tied her in with a kids apron. Haha it was so funny and Nahlia had no idea what was happening.
Thanksgiving was wonderful. We spent it with the Nelson side of the family. It was a rough day for Nahlia though because she wasn't feeling very good but she still have fun with the fam.

That following weekend was the first day of Christmas lights at Temple Square and I was so excited to go. It's been years since I went last and it beautiful this year. Go if you can.

I love this time of year, the lights, the smells, the excitement, I love giving presents seriously its one of my favorite things, especially if you know its just perfect, baking, the snow, the music, the spirit of it all, the nativity story and Savior. Its just "the most wonderful time of the year" (sorry a cheese for you this morning). Anticipation just kills me.