Saturday, September 6, 2008

Urrutia Family Reunion

Happy Saturday everyone!!! I love the weekends. Not that they're much different from the weekdays for me but at least I have an excuse to just hang out unlike the weekdays when I'm suppose to be productive. You know - "Hey its the weekend relax." Anyways the Urrutia Reunion was so fun this year. I haven't been to a reunion on either side in so long and I hadn't seen some of my cousins in like a decade. Friday night we kicked it off at the A's game and honestly I don't remember if they won or lost I just know we had a lot of fun.

The weather was beautiful and a little windy if you can't tell.

Nahlia and her Aunt Cheryl

After the game they had fireworks and we got to sit on the grass. It was the nicest grass I have ever seen.

One Million Dollars!!!!

Nahlia loves her fireworks. Her and my Aunt Candy's twins fell asleep during the show, crazy! The fireworks were awesome. My favorite are the kind that sparkle all over.

The next day we went to the beach in Santa Cruz, beautiful.

The water was to cold for Nahlia but she loved the sand.

Sunday was the baptism, which was wonderful, and managed to take some family pictures

It was a wonderful reunion and I'm so glad we where able to come so Nahlia could meet everyone. We love you guys.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


No Nahlia's not walking yet, i'm referring to trying to get everything thats happened since the last post blogged. We are in SLC now and almost settled in. We've had lots of visitors the last month and its been so much fun. James and Erin, Craig, Jenna and Maddox and tonight Dad and Criag will be arriving. Nahlia loved having Maddox here she could take her eyes off him. He's a great older cousin, helping with the bottle and entertaining her. They will be a great little pair when she can keep up with him.
Now let me take you way back (or atleast it feels that way) July 4, 2008
Laura and Brennen came out to help us with our shaved ice stand at the 4th celebration downtown. We took Nahlia on a bear hunt.

They were pretty sneaky. . .

But she was able to get up close and personal. (I love that they have the same expression and I still don't know what they were looking at. haha. I know I'm a big dork)

I just love her face in this pic. Aren't her cheeks the cutest.

Laura mostly helped Nate and the stand which was great so I could be with the baby when it wasn't as busy. Brennen watched the baby and he was great. Two or three ladies we were sitting by during the fireworks told me he was so attentive and loving. SO CUTE!!!lia's first fireworks show and she loved it.