Friday, October 3, 2008

You Asked For IT

Nathan GRADUATED!!! very exciting. We are now both done with school but it makes me feel old at the same time. I'm so proud of him for finishing school and am excitedly waiting for him to get the job he wants. We miss our friends we made in North Dakota had hope they're all doing well. Congratulation to Jake C. and Kyler A. for graduating, the Quakenbushes for the arrival of their little girl, and Dusty and Anna parents-to-be and anyone else having life changing experiences they are exciting times soak them in.

This the 360* simulator of an airport control tower Nate trained in. This was the first time I got to go in it and its really cool but Nate didn't let me touch anything.You probably already know that we've moved to SLC and we're having a great time being closer to family and friends. We love all the visitors and if you come to SLC call us we have plenty of room. Nahlia's first time in a pool.

We stayed in a hotel for two nights while Nate finished up school and before we made the road trip.

18 hours in a uhal our poor lil stewlet she did so good.

She reunited with a long lost friend

Helped dad drive the truckShe loved sing and dancing with dad Incase you're wondering what the drive from North Dakota to Utah looks like here are the highlights
I love the giant cow
We played in a fort And Nahlia joined a biker gangWe made it to Utah just in time for Nate's Brothers wedding to Lindsay. They've been dating for longer than Nathan and I have known each other in total so now she's officially my sister-in-law. They had a beautiful sealing and reception and we're so glad to participate in it. (I'm sorry she's not smiling but she has issues taking pictures and I would have been there all day)The boy'sAWWW I can't get enoughThanks again Erin for watching her during the sealing what a great aunt

Nahlia's first amusement/fair type experience and there where tigers. I don't think I even need to say it but Nate was more excited than Nahlia ( I was pretty excited too). I definitely had a new mom moment when I was sitting there planning exit strategies just incase a tiger escaped.

I think Nahlia's favorite where the pigs and sheep because we could get closer
Muscle Man
My Hero
When Nate and I were dating he came to the Sonoma County Fair and totally embarrassed himself so he wanted to be redeemed. He won this little fishy for Nahlia that she loves and still make her smile. We call it Nemo's girlfriend for lake of imagination.
Craig upside down

Bear Lake!!!!!
Nathan's family - Stewart side- goes to bear lake every year. This was my first year going and it was really fun. Nahlia loved being with her cousins all weekend.
Nate and his brother Paul
Nahlia and Grandpa Stewart
Nate Dillion and Johnny
Nahlia and Uncle George
Nahlia and Aunt Tanya

Beach Baby

Last Saturday was Nahlia's first Utah game it wasn't her first football game that was a BYU game with her uncle James and aunt Erin (see their blog).

Last night we went to Provo for Nate's intramural game. He was so stressed out because Utah had a big game against organ during his game but they both ended up winning so it was a good night at house.

Jenna and Maddox also visited us but I didn't get any good pics of them but we had so much fun and hope they come back soon. Love you guys.
Some other random pics

OK that's everything. On another note I have some topics I would love to hear your opinions about. Tell me anything and everything they are the bailout, Sarah Palin, the election in general, Halloween costumes yours or cute ones you've see, your money saving ideas - coupons, stores, deals and Christmas - things your family does, ways to celebrate, activities, home aid present ideas, past memories. Just a few things I've been thinking about. Just pick one or all i don't care.


giff, jenna, & maddox nielsen said...

i love carly!!!!!!!!!! yay! i loved loved loved your post! first of all it was long! second the pics of your road trip especially the biker one- hilarious! third, fair- exit strategy, soooooooooooooo funny! fourth, the caption my hero and the name nemo's girlfriend, so creative, seriously, fifth pic a nahlia in front of temple, sixth, pics of nahlia with the other side of the family, its so fun to see how many people love your kids, i dont even know those people but i like them cuz i can see that they love nahlia who's my niece too that i love! anyone that loves her and wants the best for i like!, seventh, her ADORABLE smile in the pic with her uncle george and his face too, eighth, her bikini, sooooooooooo cute/funny, love the halter!! ninth, seeing erin and craig with nahlia cuz it reminds me of my bros with maddox, i love anytime maddox can be around them, tenth, nates serious/intense expression during his flag football game- hahahahaha!, and finally, all of the pics of nahlia and her daddy! you can just see how much he adores her! those pics are gonna make her so happy when she grows up and sees how much her daddy loved her from the beginning! daddy daughter time is so special! ill even admit to loving the pics of her and him in the utes' game! so cute to see him sharing his love with his other love! shhhhhhh, dont tell giff. i dont know how i feel about you wearing the gear! haha! you know i like byu cuz i went there and stuff and utes were our rival, i mean i didnt care that much though, but now that brett is going to byu im DIEHARD!!!!!!!!!!!! GO BYU COUGARS! BOO UTES! nate better cheer for brett at least! haha! anyway, ill respond to the other stuff you asked about late when im bored again or trying to avoid work and productivity, which will probably be in a couple hours, who knows maybe minutes!!!!! lol! dont tell anyone! i love you car and wish we were talking in person! anyway, glad you have a cute family doing fun things! love you!

grafulas said...

Congrats on the graduation! And those were all really cute pictures. I thought you tiger-fear was funny :) Probably won't when I have a kid.... I could comment on all of the things you requested, but it would take forever and you probably don't want to hear most of it, so I'll spare you :) For homemade presents (I'm not making them, but I'm having a lady in my ward do it...) I'm giving my nieces these way cute hoodie towels that you make out of a shower towel and a hand towel somehow, and then you put ribbons or whatever on them. It's dang cute. Anyway, hope you're having a wonderful weekend!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your pictures! You all look so good. Nahlia is incredibly beautiful!

erin said...

wow good thing my eyes are open in that second picture. at least i look happy!

good job on updating though, now you just need to stay up to date. :)

also, money saving ideas? hmm i dont know, i just try to buy only what i NEED. if i can get by w/o it, then theres a pretty good chance i dont need it. also, since james started school again and we're trying to save more money for emergencies, babies in the future, retirement, whatnot, in general i don't spend too much time going out to the mall. i see things i want when i do that, and its harder to resist. besides, i have plenty of clothes already.
i think its helpful to actually right down/record ways to see your money coming in and money going out. james uses a progrom called yodelee i think. it lets us set a budget and see if we are staying in it or not. its a good wake up call at first too if you over spending on something. i really think at this point in our lives its all about setting goals and working to stick to them. also if you have a lot of big projects (i feel i do b/c i want to paint and decorate), im trying to take them one at a time to spread out the money spending so all of it doesnt go at once.

another thing i just thought of was for the holidays/saving money, i always buy my decorations after the holiday hahah i know it makes it a tad late b/c you have to wait a whole year to use them, but it saves SO much money. i bought a door sign for halloween for $5 for THIS halloween b/c i like being festive, but i want more decorations, but i'll wait til after halloween just b/c they are so much cheaper (usually 50%+ off--go to joannes :).

for christmas gifts--my family was never big on gifts. we never got huge gifts for christmas, our parents gave(still do give) to us in other ways so im used to not receiving HUGE gifts. im trying to think of ways to give thoughtful gifts w/o spending a lot of money since we are on a budget too. the past two Christmases james and i have set a price range to spend on each other so we dont go crazy on christmas. (i usually go over it anyway, but at least it gives me a ballpark.) this christmas im starting to brainstorm thoughtful things i can do that dont outdo our budget. i think its important to remember that as far as family goes, your family cares. your family knows your on a budget, so dont feel pressured to spend more than you can for christmas gifts. i would much rather see my brother/sister/sister-in-law/brother-in-law whatever, give me a thoughtful $5 present knowing their budget isnt shot than a $20 present knowing that they went in the whole for me. id much rather see my family in financial order.

last thing i try to remember in my money saving attempt, is to reward yourself sometimes! i mean if i see a shirt on sale for even $3 and i like it, i dont buy it b/c i dont need it or even like it a TON. ($3 + another good deal of $3 + another good deal of $3 + doesnt just stay at $3, its adds up). but then when i see a shirt i LOVE for $20 then its ok to buy b/c ive passed up those other things that i dont absolutely LOVE.

wow, i think this comment is really long. i better stop.

Pam Yon said...

Hey Carly!
Greetings from ND! It's nice to see your little family pics. Nahlia has grown so much. She's such a little cutie! Everything here is the same--busy, busy, busy.
Take care,

Daniel and Aleena Boyer Family said...

Wow! So many people left you long comments, Carly. That's cool! Nahlia is so photogenic! You have a ton of great pictures of her. She looks so much like you Carly! I'm so glad you guys are doing well. I like being in California but I really do miss Utah, it would be so much to be there with you and James and my sis and bro too! Bear Lake is a lot of fun! Dan's family goes every year in July. Fun times! I'm so excited for fall and Halloween! Lea is going to be a princess (she has been a witch for 2 years in a row and I told her it was time for a change!) I think Jonah is going to be Spiderman but I'm not sure yet. Yeah, I know not very creative, but it's all good. I love you guys! Take care!

Chris and Maria said...

Congrats on graduating!! So exciting. Nahlia is adorable and what a gorgeous smile. She seems so happy in all her pictures. For money saving ideas, i use coupons form the paper and match them up with sales at Walgreens or CVS or Walmart even sometimes. We never pay for toothpaste, razors, shampoo etc because there are somany good deals at Walgreens. Good Luck!

Clay, Katie and Coster Cook said...

Cute pictures! I just love the one with Nahlia in front of the SLC temple. Sooo cute! What a happy baby. I hope you guys are doing good.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Nate!!!! I didn't know you guys moved, are you living in UT??
ps - BOO UTES!! (just kidding)

giff, jenna, & maddox nielsen said...

WANT MORE POSTS! check out my blog if you havent in awhile! ive been catching up!