Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Sneak Peek

So my brother Craig has been a frequent visitor and we love seeing him. Nahlia loves Craig's laugh, she'll whip her head around trying to find him whenever he makes a sound. On his last visit we went to a great park in SLC that I'm in love with now to feed the geese.

Craig kept chasing the geese around trying to get them to fly. What a Goof! haha!
Nahlia was so tired.
We went and played at Johnny and Dillon house. Nahlia loves watching them run around.

They got a hold of my camera and took some hilarious pic. These two are my faves.In case you didn't know for one day it snowed all day and then it all melted but we got to play in it for a little while before church. The temp went back up to like the 70's the next day. Crazy!The playgroup that we go to had a little Halloween party last weekend and Nahlia dressed up as a little kitty. She looks like a cross of a bear and a sheep and cat though but oh well she's still cute. I can't wait until she can go trick or treating. (obviously so I can eat the candy)


Clay, Katie and Coster Cook said...

Cute pictures! I can't believe that it snowed there already. Have fun on Halloween eating the candy :)

erin said...

oh i LOOOVE the kitty costume even though it slightly reminds me of a bear. :) she looks so cute in it! i definitely got blessed with the cutest nieces! see you tonight =)

huntfamily said...

FYI when she's old enough to trick-or-treat....she won't let you eat her candy!

Daniel and Aleena Boyer Family said...

What an adorable costume! Nahlia is so cute! I am so excited for Halloween! The holidays are so much fun with kids! Tell Craig I say hello!

Becky said...

That costume is adorable! Email me your phone number so we can plan a time to hang out!

grafulas said...

She is so stinkin' cute in that costume! And yeah, I can totally understand what you meant when you said "babies are amazing." I'm pretty much obsessed with mine. We took her to church for the first time today, and I was really struggling because she was sitting there in her carseat all perfect and sleeping, so I had no reason to hold her! Being a Mom is the BEST :)