Saturday, September 6, 2008

Urrutia Family Reunion

Happy Saturday everyone!!! I love the weekends. Not that they're much different from the weekdays for me but at least I have an excuse to just hang out unlike the weekdays when I'm suppose to be productive. You know - "Hey its the weekend relax." Anyways the Urrutia Reunion was so fun this year. I haven't been to a reunion on either side in so long and I hadn't seen some of my cousins in like a decade. Friday night we kicked it off at the A's game and honestly I don't remember if they won or lost I just know we had a lot of fun.

The weather was beautiful and a little windy if you can't tell.

Nahlia and her Aunt Cheryl

After the game they had fireworks and we got to sit on the grass. It was the nicest grass I have ever seen.

One Million Dollars!!!!

Nahlia loves her fireworks. Her and my Aunt Candy's twins fell asleep during the show, crazy! The fireworks were awesome. My favorite are the kind that sparkle all over.

The next day we went to the beach in Santa Cruz, beautiful.

The water was to cold for Nahlia but she loved the sand.

Sunday was the baptism, which was wonderful, and managed to take some family pictures

It was a wonderful reunion and I'm so glad we where able to come so Nahlia could meet everyone. We love you guys.


Chris and Maria said...

Hi you guys!
What a doll Nahlia is !! You guys look like you had so much fun with your family. Hope you guys are doing well!!


Becky said...

Sounds fun! We'll have to get together now that you're back in Utah. Let me know when you can!

erin said...

awww cuuuute! so glad you guys could visit this weekend! can you send me that last pic of the whole family in the church?

Holly said...

Ok I just have to say I sure do miss Nahlia's smile! And her tring to eat my nose! I hope all is well for you guys!

giff, jenna, & maddox nielsen said...

wus up wus uup?!! i decided i better post a comment so that youll hurry up and do a new post! yeah, im pathetic and check your blog everyday, each time getting butterflies as i wait in anticipation hoping for a new post, only to find that there inst one! yeah, im a loser, SO!! i will also freely share more evidence of why i am a loser, its 1:23am and i am sitting here checking blogs! cant sleep cuz i fell asleep at 9:30pm, got woken up, and now cant sleep! anyway, wanted to give you a well overdue comment on your totally tubular post, no im not sucking up so that you wont be mad i never commented, i loved it! lots of pics! my favorite! free evidence #3 why im a loser, sometimes i forget to post a comment cuz whenever im bored ill just jump on the computer and look through blogs, even if i did the day before, knowing there wont be anything new. i dont comment either cuz i dont want to look like the loser that i am that and leave a comment when i just left a comment the day before, or im in a hurry and know ill probably have some "im bored time" the next day and will need something to do so i can leave a comment then! lol! wow, im really open late at night when im like tired but not tired! anyway, i loved the post, seeing you with all of your family members! its crazy to see everyone so grown up! nahlia is a doll! thats a great pic of her and your mom! anyway, how are you guys doing? any news on the sky west job? come see me, please?!! we re moving so youll have to check out the new crib! love you!

Jakenaddie said...

Hello Stewarts!
Glad to hear you are all settled in and happy! We sure do miss you guys! I tried to e-mail those pictures I took of you and the family when you were over at our place. THe one you had me take of Nate in Jake's graduation gown! The e-mail was sent back to me for some you have an different e-mail address that I can send it to?? Keep in touch!!